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We help you turn that sound in your head from initial idea to final master. 

With over 3 million streams online we know what your song needs to really needs to stand out.

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Songs We've Worked On

I'm Not Lonely - Tom Shaw + Robbie Rosen + Glaceo

This was a collaboration project with vocalist Robbie Rosen and producer Glaceo released on 7Clouds and received over 2 millions cross-platform streams.

Friends - Tom Shaw + Ed Graves

This song was written, recorded and produced by Tom and Ed at the legendary Real World Studios, and mixed by Oli Jacobs (The 1975, Taylor Swift).

Call You My Own - Unreleased

This beautiful ballad was co-written, produced, mixed and mastered by Tom for client in the UK and is currently unreleased.

Where's The Woman I Love - Unreleased

This acoustic pop song was co-written with Tom and the vocalist and co-produced with a team in Nashville and Germany. It's currently unreleased.

My Wife - Unreleased

This beautiful ballad was co-written, produced, mixed and mastered by Tom for client in the UK and is currently unreleased.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything starts with a short call to hear more about your project and what you’re looking for. If we’re a good fit for working together we can then move forward with the next step. 

This next step depends on where you’re currently at in your process. If you’re starting from scratch we can book a writing session and take things from there, or if you have a demo, we can review the song, offer feedback and then get to work on the first production draft. References are always appreciated! 

If you’re the artist and vocalist on the song we’ll need high quality vocal recordings of all the parts we need for your song. When everything has been arranged and you’re happy with the final production we can then send your song for mixing and mastering. 

This depends on our schedule, the number of revisions needed, complexity of production and availability of session musicians.

But typically the production process takes 1-4 weeks. 

This also assumes you’re quick and responsive with your communication. If you leave us on read for weeks, then we’ll re-allocate our time to other projects and you may have to wait even longer to get your song finished.

Every song has its own unique requirements so we can’t tell you exactly how much your project will cost. 

With that being said, if you’re looking for something for a few hundreds bucks, we’re not going to be the best option for you. 

We have a network of grammy winning producers and songwriters to get feedback from and have been mentored by Grammy winner Ian Price (Earth Wind and Fire). So we pride ourself on delivering work that holds it’s own next to your favourite artists. 

With that in mind, all our offers for production are over $1K per song.

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